Hate is a Cancer

Hate eats away the national fabric. It consumes rationality in people. It makes people call good bad and bad good. It makes people praise what should be condemned and condemn what ought to be praised.

In the past week, I have seen politicians spew hate and beat drums of war in my country with their supporters cheering them on. I have seen tribal rants in social media, seen protestors profile communities in street placards.

A guiding principle should be, if one does a crime or propagates hate, they be held responsible for their actions. Hate speech should be called what it is. No sane human should condone such outrageous behavior or look away. Every opportunity to lambast such acts needs to be seized if a sound society is to be developed.  The common folks need to be alive to the fact that most politicians embrace hate speech to promote their agenda which are otherwise selfish. It is sad when you hear that some protestors are paid a few coins to make such causes look noble.

In this world where there’s enough for each one of us, there’s no cause worth spewing hate. Persons who propagate hate should be named and shamed and even denied any support.

Standing up to hate isn’t easy. If you have some guts to call hate what it is and haters what they are, you may be persecuted. However, despite the exposure to lynching by their allies and intimidating cheer groups, someone has to stand up to hate.  Who wants his Kid to emulate a foul mouthed politician? Who wants to see destruction of property and life?.

Time has come for hate to be put to an end.  Time has come for a Nation to live as one people. Time has come for us to celebrate what unites us. Time has come for us to celebrate good deeds and rebuke bad acts that corrode our fabric. Time has come that we become good role models.

Nothing good comes from hate.

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